The Favicon

What is a Favicon? It’s a brand element that represents your website by displaying a small scale representation of your brand in your browser tab or URL bar. A brand identity can be made up of a number of elements and the favicon is generally a strong element of the brand. In our case we chose to use the symbol of a little lightning bolt. For each client what the Favicon will be depends mainly on which brand element can translate most clearly and effectively at the smallest scale.


The Concept

What brand elements reinforce the concept of the brand? In recent work for Velocity Energy, we introduce “the plug” as a brand element that customers will identify with the “Smart Grid”. This icon is easily identifiable and works well scaled to favicon size. &



We faced a unique situation with the Passages Relocation favicon. They have a crisp logo that you expect might scale down well—and in most cases it does. The favicon however is 16×16 pixels and the rectangular landscape proportions of the logo don’t quite translate well into the square format without some help. In order to make it work we tried adjusting the 2:1 dimensions to 1:1 and framing the blue mountains in the background in a square.