KMA Sign

This project was the result of deep inspiration of, and admiration for Carol Kleinfeldt and her partner Roman, Principal architects of Kleinfeldt Mychajiowycz Architects. The sculpture functions both as a landscaping element that one can actually sit on, and as a sign for their architecture offices. Their firm was one of the first to embrace green building practices and build LEED certified projects.


Conceptually, the sculpture had to represent KMA and speak to their unique fusion of art and architecture, beauty and strength, and form and function. You can see a juxtaposition of images from their McMurty project that helps give as sense of their innate sense of artistry and vision.[/threecol_one]

We worked directly with their brand and logo, creating a small, maquette mock-up from their business card to make a mini-sculpture.


The model card cut-out was then printed and increased proportionately to the actual size of the finished sculpture. This became our template for the sculpture and used to measure the steel from.

The paper was the blue print we followed, to cut and assemble the pieces of steel, before welding them together. On the paper in this image you can see the brown burn marks from the welding sparks.

And a picture of the sign in the metal shop half-way completed.


We knew the final location would be outdoors and purposely decided not to prevent the inevitable impact of rain, snow, sun, etc… but instead use nature to our advantage. We chemically applied patina agents to the surface of the steel so the natural elements would react and cause our desired colour change over time.

KMA is one of first firms to adopt green building practices. The sign material is locally found, made and produced from reclaimed, raw steel. The sign can be seen on location at the KMA head office:

147 Portland Street
Toronto, Canada
M5V 2N4